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Welding materials

Nizhny Novgorod

Today no construction process can be carried out without use of welding materials: they are necessary at construction of a metalwork, leading and installation of communications and other.

The LLC Konvekt-NN company here specializes some years on wholesale of welding materials from the best domestic and foreign producers. In the work we are always aimed at long-term cooperation therefore we offer our clients really qualitative production, without forgetting thus about high level of service. The wide range of the offered range, allows clients of our company to find those welding materials which it is necessary.

Addressing in our company, our clients can get:

  • Tungsten electrodes;
  • Electrodes for a naplavka;
  • Electrodes for welding high-strength the staly;
  • Electrodes for welding heat resisting and corrosion-resistant the staly;
  • Electrodes for welding carbonaceous the staly;
  • Electrodes for cast iron welding;
  • Electrodes naplavochny;
  • Welding wire;
  • Wire powder for welding;
  • Insulating materials;
  • Glass grid SST-B TRANSET;
  • Tape DRL-L.

Realizing welding materials, we know, the quality and reliability indicator therefore our employees regularly watch emergence of novelties in the market of the welding equipment, and also quality of production is how important. All electrodes offered by our company passed tests at plants manufacturers and has all necessary certificates of quality.

Wholesale of welding materials such quality provides with strong successful performance welding and assembly and rescue and recovery operations of the designs executed from staly and alloys practically of any brands.

On all questions of wholesale purchases of welding materials, call by phones specified on page of our site.

Tape DRL-L

Tape DRL-L the thermotaking seat radiating modified - is intended for use as a protective wrapper in designs of the combined coverings on the basis of bitumen and polymeric mastics, at anticorrosive protection of the main, trade and technological pipelines. The tape represents the rolled material received by a method...

Electrodes Nizhny Novgorod

Welding electrodes Nizhny Novgorod represent a core for a current supply to a welding place. Depending on from what material the electrode is made, distinguish melting and not melting welding electrodes. Metal cores concern the first with a covering,...

Electrodes wholesale

Today, at the time of accruing speed of construction, the increasing value is gained by ready metal designs. Them successfully use both in a life, and on production. Elements of metal fences and protections, metal furniture, metal can become examples of their use...